Take action to save Dhrube’s life!

DhrubePlease write a letter to the government of Nepal to save the life of Dhrube, a tusker who reportedly killed seven people in less than three months.

The authorities havve decided to kill him, and he has been shot at, but is walking around injured.
Conservationists says the elephant won’t harm anyone if he is allowed to cohabit with females. Read their comments here.
Please request the government to stop the hunt for Dhrube and find humane solutions to mend his behaviour. Also request the authorities to provide compensation for the victims’ families.
You will a sample letter here.

About Animal Nepal

Animal Nepal is one of Nepal's leading animal welfare organisation.
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4 Responses to Take action to save Dhrube’s life!

  1. Kai Bernstein says:

    He just needs a mate!!! Let him live!!!!!


  2. Helga Ferraz says:

    Save Dhrube elephant and send him to an Asian sanctuary where he can live happily forever and bother no one!
    Animals should live on their environment and be safe, away from harmful people endangering species like elephants.

    Give Dhrube a home, a place of his own to walk in freedom!

    Thank you very much!
    Happy holidays!


    Helga Ferraz


  3. K Sharma Bhattarai says:

    It’s time that the government, NGO’s and other stakeholders should work together to help solve this matter.


  4. SONY says:

    this is really sad…..


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