EWN launches campaign to retire Pawan Kali

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EWN has launched a campaign to lobby for the retirement of the handicapped, 70+ safari elephant Pawan Kali. The elderly female suffers from countless health problems, including malnutrition, open wounds, a deformed leg, and scarring across the body. She is also partial blind.Sign this petition today to help this abused safari elephant.

Pawan Kali is employed by Hotel Seven Star in Sauraha, Chitwan. Although she has reached the internationally accepted retirement age many years ago the handicapped elephant is still supposed to conduct rides with tourists. EWN strongly appeals to the stakeholders, including Hotel Association Nepal, to enable Pawan Kali to retire.

Due to her age and number of injuries and ailments Pawan Kali deserves to stop riding and to retire so she can live out the remaining years of her life with rest, pain relief and good quality veterinary care.

The list of Pawan Kali’s ailments is a long and painful one:

  • Pawan Kali has a deformity of her front left leg that has permanently caused her leg to be turned outwards with fusion of her carpal joint. She moves her front leg by lifting from her shoulder rather than bending at the elbow or foot. Because of this deformity she has overgrown and cracked nails on this foot and nail abscesses. The change in this leg may be from excessive chaining or ropes when she was very young and growing.
  • She has an abscess over her right hip and right elbow from either pressure sores and or old injuries. She only lies down on her right side due to her left leg injury.
  • The skin over her lumbar/sacral spine is thickened and scarred from probable years of being hit in this area.
  • Her perinal area (the area around her anus) is very thickened and irritated from chronic ropes rubbing around this very sensitive area.
  • She is blind in her right eye with a cataract from an old injury /infection /or trauma.
  • She is thin with a very prominent spine.
  • Scars can be found on her forehead from presumed beatings.
  • There is swelling/ edema of both of her knees from frequent kneeling on the ground for rides an unnatural posture for elephants. She is putting more weight on right side of her body to favor her injured front left leg.
  • Her ears have large amount of ticks and very thickened skin (psoriasis/eczema)
  • There are overgrown nails front and back feet .
  • The skin of the back legs is very thickened and overgrown from not being able to properly bathe herself or have proper substrates to rub on.
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3 Responses to EWN launches campaign to retire Pawan Kali

  1. Silvia says:

    Please help this poor elephant to retire soon she deserve better in her golden years a caring n loving place for her ASAP !!! Please update her condition once she is release from that heartless ugly place .


  2. rebecca wright says:

    This is heartbreaking! Please, please let this poor lady retire and receive the veterinary care, food, peace, and loving care she so desperately needs and deserves! Please have mercy on her!


  3. Elaina polidori says:

    Please Lord God Jesus help


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