About EWN

Jumbos-Logo-DraftElephant Watch Nepal (EWN) is an international community of elephant lovers and experts who are concerned about the fate of the wild and captive Asian Elephant in Nepal. Its main aim is improve the welfare status of Nepal’s majestic elephants through increased awareness among stakeholders, better welfare regulations, and improved conditions for working elephants.

We want to see elephants:

  • Protected in the wild
  • Out of zoos
  • Away from the entertainment industry
  • Well taken care of while in captivity

Country Representatives

  • Australia: Margaret Becker
  • Nepal: “Classified”
  • France: Carolie Menet
  • Netherlands: Anne Bakker
  • UK: Geoff Knight
  • South Africa: Petra ten Velde
  • USA: Klari Fajzi