Take the Pledge

Cartoon elephantConvinced that elephant safaris should be avoided?

If so take the pledge!

Simply leave a reply below this post, with your name and motivation.

By doing so you agree to the following:

“I hereby pledge to refrain from elephant safaris, bathing and games since I believe this increases the suffering of captive elephants.”

Thank you for your compassion!


128 Responses to Take the Pledge

  1. Neville Bruce says:

    Cruelty and exploitation are the dark side of animal ‘entertainment’ – it’s no wonder those in charge of it hate transparency: it makes them lose money (and be reviled).


  2. Lisa M. says:

    I never have (in my 50 years of life) and never would contribute in any way to use of animals for human entertainment.


  3. Jonathan Boyne says:

    I have not and will not support elephant safaris, nor will I attend any animal performances.


  4. Sanand says:

    I have never supported and will never support elephant rides.


  5. L Elliott says:

    I rode an elephant at a festival as a small child because my mother was running the event and told me to do it. It was probably as terrifying for me as it was for the elephant and I still feel guilty about not throwing a fit and refusing. These are intelligent, highly social creatures who deserve better. Wild animals are not for our exploitation. Since then, I have not attended or supported (nor will I ever) a venue that includes wild animals–no zoos, no circuses, no festivals.


  6. Sasha Patrick says:

    I will never support any animal exploitation.


  7. Janine Vinton says:

    Never have and never will. There seems to be less and less compassion for our fellow sentient beings. I hope one day that humans will learn that non human animals were NOT put on this earth to entertain, be worn or eaten.


  8. Tulio J P da Silva says:

    Elephant safaris should be not only avoided but completely banned.


  9. Margaret Warnick says:

    I will not participate in elephant safaris or in any entertainment that involves elephants.


  10. Petra Jones says:

    I will never ride an elephant. If we all stopped doing this, this industry would die a natural death.


  11. Harry Bord says:

    never; seeing the abuse from handlers / trainers / owners is too hard on my stomach


  12. Isabelle says:

    Merhaba Engin,indeks konusunda teknik bir sor var aslında. Ben ilk kitabada eklemek istemiÅŸtim ama aynı sıkıntıyı oradada yaÅŸanmıştı. Hala çözmeye çalışıyorlar ama tahminime göre malesef indeks olmayacak.Tabi ki dÃnÅeü¼celŸrinde tamamen haklısın.


  13. Chassidy says:

    Bonjour, il est, bien sûr, possible dâu€it™liser du Brocciu frais, ce sera d’autant meilleur. N’hésitez pas à nous faire votre retour sur la recette, si vous la réalisez !


  14. Artie says:

    Arclites like this make life so much simpler.


  15. Ice says:

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  16. Tuesday says:

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  17. Nevaeh says:

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  18. Tulio J P da Silva says:

    All animals must be treated with all respect. We should take care of them instead of riding, beating, torturing, hunting and mistreating them.


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  20. Yael says:

    I will never support any animal exploitation


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