Absence of sanctuary

Old-ElephantA major concern for the conditions of captive elephants is the absence of a sanctuary or old jumbo’s home. After a lifetime of loyal service elephants are left in the jungle to die. Doesn’t the captive elephant deserve a better fate?

3 Responses to Absence of sanctuary

  1. Chris K. says:

    If this is so, how can you create a petition on Care2 to retire an elephant? – I don’t get it.


  2. Roberto E Pineyro says:

    It should be legally enforced (by constitutional dictate) that every person doing business with the life of animals, have to provide the conditions (determined by a reliable independent organism) on which this creatures deserve to live, from the point of view of where they ARE supposed to live.

    This persons, would have to be part of one of these sanctuaries to provide his animal with a humane elderly retirement.

    As simple as this….


    • Chris K says:

      Well, this is NOT simple and such conditions do not currently exist; this is just wishful thinking. Thus, if organisations like Elephant Watch post petitions requesting that an elephant is to be retired and sent to a sanctuary, where will it go, if there is no sanctuary? It might just be killed, as happened before.


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