Bad News for Our African Friends


From the Great Elephant Census

A stunning post at Global Citizen posits “Elephants could be the next generation’s dinosaurs” and highlights the latest results from the Great Elephant Census. What that implies is that our children (and our children’s children) may only be able to see African Elephant bones & dioramas in natural history museums, instead of seeing them alive and roaming on the savanna.

“With only 352,271 left (excluding those that may live in Namibia, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic), elephants may become the next generation’s dinosaur — an extinct creature of wonder. In fact, it’s likely that hundreds more elephants have died since the census was completed.”

As lovers of dinosaurs past, this is not what we want to see in our future. What say you?


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4 Responses to Bad News for Our African Friends

  1. I just returned from an elephant sanctuary in Chang Mai, Thailand. The extinction of all elephants is due to the human abuse & hunting that is allowed to go on. People don’t eat elephant meat to survive. We must go after the poachers & safari co.’s that encourage this continual slaughter.

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